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Morrocoy was one of the favorite destinations for these carnivals

Morrocoy National Park, located in the Zone of Tourist Interest Eastern Zone of Falcon, is one of the favorite destinations domestic and foreign tourists, not only for its paradisiacal keys and natural spaces, but by the varied recreational program that prepared the National government during the carnival celebrations.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of National Tourism, Azucena Jaspe, during a tour by the main points of information that installed the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism, quality care for all vacationers.

“We have been able to observe beach festivals are being developed, organized by the entire team of the national cabinet that integrates the Good Life, diverting our children, adults and families,” he said.

Jasper accompanied by Angelica Romero, president of the Institute of National Parks and regional authorities, the opportunity to visit the Joint Control Post, opened two days ago by the National Government for the safety and security of vacationers.

“Visitors have told us to be well pleased with the way we have been ordered to enter the national park, which shows the ordering processes we are doing with the installation of this point.”

He said thus articulated work with the National Guard Bolivarian National Police and Inparques is performed. He also stressed how the season has been filled fun and excitement so called to continue to share in peace. “You have come to the park visitors from different parts of the country, Yaracuy, Lara and Valencia.”

He said that during the holiday has been shown as the Government works for healthy recreation and quiet spaces that owns Falcon.

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